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United States Botanic Gardens

From the real-life jungle to preserved Jurassic plant life, the United States Botanic Gardens is an educational and exciting place to

Flower Picking at Ridgefield Farm & Orchard

Ridgefield Farm & Orchard, located about 35 miles from Dulles International Airport, is now open for flower picking! This working

Sun Down, Glow Up: Glow in the Park

Looking for a great back-to-school activity or a family night to remember? Maybe you’re looking for a great first date?

Grease Sing-a-Long

I recently watched Grease with my kids and realized how completely inappropriate it was! How did I miss all the

Get Outside!

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Guide to Local & Regional Amusement Parks

Very few things say summer like the sound of laughs and screams echoing through the air, the smell of funnel

Photo Review: Haley Smith Park

Haley Smith Park is newly-renovated park in Herndon — cheerful, and whimsical and lots more fun! Recently re-eopened in the

Photo Review: Water Mine Family Swimmin’ Hole

Pete the Prospector may not have struck gold at Water Mine, but his loss is your family’s gain! This western-themed

Skateboarding Parks

Many of the parks below offer more than just skateboarding — but have special days and times set aside for bikes,

Free & Cheap

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Celebrate Baskin Robbins’ 31 Flavors with Specials on the 31st!

Did you know that Baskin Robbins’ “31 favors” originated with the idea they would offer 31 flavors so ice cream-lovers could

Where Does All The Mail Go? Post Office Tour

Ever wondered how they keep track of all that mail? What kind of machines do they use to sort envelopes

The IEP Process & How to Navigate the System

We’ve all heard about Individualized Education Program (IEPs), but when it comes to understanding the ins and outs, the benefits,

Free Chipotle?! Yep!

Check out Chipotle’s newest game ‘Friend or Faux?’ This easy to play game requires less than a minute of your

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What are the Consequences of Forgoing Orthodontic Care or Putting it Off?

Dear Dr. Barakat, I’m pretty sure I can’t afford braces for my child, what are the consequences of forgoing orthodontic

Ask Julie: Speech at the Beach

Dear Julie, My son gets intensive speech therapy during the week for delayed language and articulation. Do you have any

Ask Dr. Mike: My Sister’s Son Is Autistic, But She Is In Complete Denial

Dear Dr. Mike, My sister’s son is autistic, but she is in complete denial. I’ve done my research and he

Teenagers & Their Elusive Sleep

It’s a common refrain, I hear from parents of teenagers, I’m concerned my child is not getting enough sleep, and