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Flexible Job Opportunities for Families via FlexProfesionals (Issue 2, September 30, 2014)

We’re big fans of supporting local mom-owned business! Take a peek at FlexProfesionals latest newsletter! Women face unique challenges in

Autumn Conservation Festival

Join the National Zoo on October 4-5, 2014 for an unforgettable day of tours, children’s activities, live music, food, and plenty

Linton Hall School’s Community Fun Fair

Saddle up and ride on over for a day full of Wild West-style fun for kids of all ages including

Free & Cheap

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Fall Festival & Birthday Bash at The Learning Experience

Everyone is welcome to join The Learning Experience for their annual Fall Festival and Birthday Bash on Saturday October 25,

Saturday Morning at The National: Fall 2014

Washington’s historic National Theatre is located a stone’s throw from the White House and bordering the Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic

Saturday Morning at The National

Washington’s historic National Theatre is located a stone’s throw from the White House and bordering the Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic

Help a Dulles Mom Out

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Advice Needed for Rude Comments

“My kids don’t look like me and I’ve been on the receiving end of some pretty funny, albeit rude questions

In Need of a Photographer

“I am looking for an affordable photographer for a session for my one-year old daughter this fall. I’d like to

Dental Advice/Dentist Recommendations

“I have a 6-year old daughter who, for the past month, has two teeth popping out behind her top two

Ask Julie, a Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist

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Ask Julie: Books, Books, & More Books

Dear Julie, “Dear Julie, Do you recommend any specific children’s books to work on language and vocabulary?” ~ Concerned Parent

Ask Julie: Speech vs. Language – What’s the Difference?

Dear Julie, “My daughter’s teacher recommended that I have her evaluated by a speech therapist. She said that her articulation

Ask Julie: iPad Apps for Speech and Language Development

Dear Julie, “I was recently assessed by the county and my daughter has a mild speech delay. Her delay did

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Don’t be this mom . . .

Don’t be this mom . . . – You would think a 19-year-mom driving with her 5-month-old in the trunk was

Best and Worst States to Have A Baby, By the Numbers

Everyone knows having a baby is a huge expense; where you live also matters. While families in the United States

The Motherhood Penalty vs. the Fatherhood Bonus

One of the worst career moves a woman can make is to have children. Mothers are less likely to be

Ask Dr. Mike

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Is it Okay to Spank Your Child?

When Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was recently arrested for beating his 4-year-old son with a tree branch, the

Ask Dr. Mike: Is Medicine the Only Option for my ADHD-Diagnosed Child?

Dear Dr. Mike, “Beyond therapy and medicine, do you have any advice for holistic approaches to dealing with hyper children?

Ask Dr. Mike: My Children’s Behavior Post Divorce

Dear Dr. Mike, “I have been divorced for 18-months now. It wasn’t an ugly split and my ex-husband and I